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Product name: Electric Stainless Steel BBQ Grill
Product model: SC-JD110
Product classification:Electric BBQ Grill
 Product description:

Electric Stainless Steel BBQ Grill:

Model: SC-D110      
Size: 1100*360*180mm


Material: Stainless Steel


1.Luxury carton design, the safety of the structure is reasonable, upset stainless steel materials,
2. Fine workmanship, or so temperature control can control alone, make the food more uniform heating, more fully.

Product Features:
1. The unique appearance design, beautiful and easy, simple operation.
2. High thermal efficiency, warming faster, beautiful appearance.
3. New style unique, the overall safety of the structure is reasonable, easy to operate
4. Product modeling beautiful, is heated evenly and lasting effect of heat preservation is very good
5. Precise temperature control with high efficiency, economic and practical.
6. Effective heating and insulation system, make manufacture process to achieve convenient, efficient level.

Our BBQ Grill has beautiful appearance, wide adaptation, safety, health, and easy to operate! Suitable for use in the: grill, City Square, Night Market, the mall entrance, theaters door, pedestrian street crowd more centralized place...


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