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Product name: Automatic Smokeless Stainless Steel BBQ Grill
Product model: SC-ZD03
Product classification:Fumeless BBQ Grill
 Product description:

Automatic Smokeless Stainless Steel BBQ Grill (CE Approval):

Model: SC-ZD03     
Size: 670*410*240mm


2800Pa, Gas
Material: Stainless Steel

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1. Thick stainless steel material, fine workmanship, super light wave infrared heating system!
2. Gas Electronic ignition component control energy conservation, auto-flip, mechanized operations, even heating surface with the oil pan handle.
3. Inclusion fan blowing combustion, double side blower control, four side according to system, Powerful, superior quality!

Performance Features:
1. Using the auto-flip system, without human operation that put that roast, saving labor, convenient and quick.
2.  New design, gas flue random adjustment. Two type flue design, one can independently combustion also be two simultaneous burning speed free adjustment, don't  waste gas.
The cellular infrared board, using the latest high-density, higher thermal efficiency easily broken.
4. The use of tungsten-containing iron-chromium-aluminum wire mesh, eyes of fire finer, more uniform firepower.
5. Aerospace equipment, high-temperature cotton insulation thermal insulation performance is better, the body is not hot, do not waste energy, more energy safer.
6. Internal casting design, and canceled the second-generation plastic stick-earth approach to overcome the burner plate easily off aging, ugly gas Burrow fire shortcomings so that key parts of a firmer and more durable.
7. The internal design simpler more spacious, easier maintenance through the mouth.


1.Suitable for Restaurant, Cake House, Coffee Shop, Bakery, Westernstyle Food Shop.  Chinese food Shop, Drink Shop.

2.Suitable for Korean barbecue. Japanese roast meat and all kinds of self-help barbecue restaurant...


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