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Product name: Hot Sale!Mini Donut Machine
Product model: SC-X210
Product classification:Crispy、Donut machine
 Product description:

Hot Sale!!!  Mini Donut Machine (CE Certificate):

Model: SC-210       
Size: 410*385*315mm


Material: Stainless Steel& Aluminum


Product Description:
1. This product stainless steel shell, aluminum model, with a high conductivity, quick heating, more energy efficient, automatic temperature control function, a special non-stick coating Teflon, simple operation.
2. The highly conductive cast iron plates heat evenly distributed within 3-5 minutes to provide a golden crispy plum donut machine.
3. Mobile drip tray surrounding the bottom plate will collect any batter excess, which is easy to clean.
4. Double Side heating, heat more evenly, more fully, make product color uniform, better quality, as well as timed reminder function, easy operation.


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